Government Career

GovernmentCareer, part of the CareerSpot suite of 18 industry specific information portals – brings together the latest jobs, news, conferences, events and education opportunities within the three tiers of government. With our GovernmentCareer e-bulletins being distributed to over 34,000 people each week – we give our clients unprecedented access to a wide range of middle/senior and executive public service professionals.


Not a ‘jobs board’ – we are designed to feed the latest industry news, information and events, as well as jobs – to career minded professionals interested in staying on top of their sector. Backed by our MySpot system – CareerSpot subscribers can create profiles, customize their account to suit their areas of interest – and then have us feed through all relevant listings that suit their preferences. A MySpot profile also gives you access to our newest release – VideoSpot – allowing you to record a 90 second video intro that can be attached to your cv or cover letter via a simple browser link. And just like all our subscriber systems – VideoSpot is free to use.


So if it’s industry specific career information you are after, and not just rows of job listings – then GovernmentCareer is the place for you!
Australian Policy Online

Australian Policy Online offers easy access to much of the best Australian social, economic, cultural and political research available online. APO is a news service and library specialising in Australian public policy reports and articles from academic research centres, think tanks, government and non-government organisations. The site features opinion and commentary pieces, video, audio and web resources focused on the policy issues facing Australia.
Australasian Evaluation Society