Tracy Leahy
Community Programs Coordinator
Penrith City Council

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Tracy Leahy is the Community Programs Coordinator for Penrith City Council. Tracy works in a multi disciplinary team that innovatively develops opportunities to engage with the diverse local community.  Tracy has responsibility for the Aboriginal, Youth and Multi-Cultural portfolios as well as many other projects and initiatives. Tracy was recently seconded to the Corporate Planning Team as a Senior Corporate Planner to assist with the development of Council’s Corporate Planning documents. Tracy has worked at Penrith Council for 7 years and is currently studying for her Graduate Diploma in Local Government Management at the University of Technology, Sydney. Tracy also holds management qualifications a degree in Applied Community Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University.


Tracy has previously worked in the Community Legal Sector as the Manager of Hawkesbury Nepean Community Legal Centre., Manager of a community services organisation in Hawkesbury and Manager of a social housing organisation in the United Kingdom.


Tracy has a commitment to working on progressive community projects and initiatives that deliver real outcomes to local residents and builds capacity for the community. Tracy had developed an interest in implementing the Results Based Accountability Framework through her work in the community sector and her more recent Corporate Planning experience.

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Implementing a Results-Based Accountability™ Model
Tanya Jackson
Corporate Planning Coordinator
Penrith City Council

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Tanya has worked as a Town Planner in local government and private sector since 1995. She graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Urban & Regional Planning. During this time Tanya took a lead role in developing a new Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan for the City of Penrith, as well as release area planning, strategic land use and policy initiatives. Over the past 4½ years Tanya has taken on the role of Corporate Planning Coordinator at Penrith City Council. In this role Tanya lead the development of Penrith’s first suite of Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) documents, as well coordinating the review of these documents, including extensive community and staff engagement, in 2012 and 2013.


Tanya’s corporate role involves facilitating change and leading organisational development initiatives such as capacity building through in-house engagement training program, streamlining reporting processes, using information management systems to best support business process, and delivering corporate processes and initiatives. She has led the introduction of Results Based Accountability (RBA) as a framework to develop performance measures across the organisation.

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Implementing a Results-Based Accountability™ Model
Richard Moore
First Assistant Secretary, Program Effectiveness and Performance Division
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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Richard Moore is First Assistant Secretary for Contracting and Aid Management at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He is responsible for procurement across the Department and also for performance benchmarks for Australian aid. Richard oversights the aid management system to support, guide, implement, monitor and assess aid investments. He also handles risk management and anti-fraud systems.

During a twenty year career in international development, Richard has served as Australia’s Alternate Executive Director on the Asian Development Bank Board; worked as a Ministerial adviser and overseen Australia’s aid programs across Asia. Richard was also AusAID’s Senior Gender Advocate 2008-2011. On sabbatical in 2012, Richard served as Senior Adviser to the Myanmar Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, helping the country re-engage with the international community.

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Transforming public sector performance measurement
Ann Webster
Assistant Auditor General, Research & Development
Office of the Auditor General, NZ

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Ann has been employed with the Office of the Auditor-General as the Assistant Auditor-General, Research and Development since 2004. In this role she is responsible for:

  • leading the Office’s response to changes in relation to public sector governance and accountability; and
  • facilitating and co-ordinating the Office’s research and development and product development.

The R&D Team works as a catalyst within the OAG to enhance existing products and develop new products in areas such as:

  • Performance improvement related to our annual audit interaction with public sector performance and financial management and reporting;
  • Increasing awareness and raising the profile of good governance practices for example public entities’ use of audit committees and detection and prevention of fraud; and
  • Analysis and integration of audit knowledge about public sector emerging and good practices.

Ann joined the OAG in 1999 as a sector manager in the Local Government Team.
Her experience prior to joining the Office is mainly in corporate planning, research, and public policy. Before joining the Office, Ann had worked in both central and local government and policy, research, and corporate planning roles.


Ann has a Bachelor of Arts; a Diploma of Social Science Research and a Masters of Public Policy from Victoria University of Wellington.

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Parallels from a different system

Analysing & Reforming Existing KPIs
Ashley Jackson
Chief Finance Officer and Strategic Policy
National Blood Authority

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Mr Ashley Jackson is the Chief Finance Officer of the National Blood Authority and has more than 30 years’ experience in industry, commerce and the public sector. He has worked in diverse range of industries including retail, film and television production, viticulture and commercial television networks. A former President of the Australian Capital Territory Divisional Council for CPA Australian, and the inaugural CFO of the Future Fund.

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Driving organisation performance in the National Blood Authority
Louisa McKay
Results Leadership Group Australia

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Louisa’s passion for social justice led her to working in the Community Sector and in her current roles as Manager for Centre for Family Work Practice (FamS) and Results Leadership Group Australia.


Her career spans over 25 years in the Community Sector working with both Government and Non-Government organisations. Within the sector she has worked in Community Development, Early Childhood Education, Learning and Development, Project Management & Child Protection.


Louisa has worked with a diverse range of communities and has taken on lead roles in the development of community initiatives that have supported collaboration with a range of partners and positive outcomes for the community. Many of these projects have been sustained and continue to contribute to the wellbeing of communities.


Louisa commenced using the RBATM framework approximately nine years ago whilst managing a range of community projects in Western Sydney. Louisa currently manages a team for FamS and RLG Australia and also provides workshops, consultation, group facilitation, mentoring and coaching for organisations including NGO’s and Government departments.


Louisa is passionate about RBATM as she believes that using the framework can make a real and lasting difference to communities and agencies as it assists to create a culture of ongoing quality improvement, supports an outcomes focussed approach and encourages an effective use of resources.


Mazen Kassis
Manager, Centre for Program Evaluation
NSW Treasury

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Mazen is Manager of the Centre, taking up the role in September 2013. Mazen is passionate about combining technology, statistics and people skills to enhance evidence-based decision-making. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Macquarie University, and completed postgraduate studies in biostatistics at the University of Sydney. Mazen has extensive experience leading teams and conducting research within Government, non-government organisations, and the private sector.

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Driving rigorous program evaluation
Terry Symonds
Director, Sector Performance, Quality and Rural Health
Department of Health, VIC

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Terry Symonds is Director of Sector Performance, Quality and Rural Health within the Department of Health, Victoria. Terry is responsible for service and funding agreements with 86 public hospitals and health services, and manages performance against those agreements in a range of domains including financial stewardship, access to services, and quality of care. Prior to joining the department in 2007, Terry held management positions within tertiary acute health services, community mental health services, NGOs and health departments in other jurisdictions. Terry holds postgraduate qualifications in health administration.

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Understanding how to define performance
Garry Wilson
Manager Project Portfolio Office
NSW State Emergency Service

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Over a 33 year career Garry has evolved from a Communications Technician in the Royal Australian Navy to hand building a tailored Project Management Framework for the NSW State Emergency Service.
Throughout Garry’s career he has played a key role in a myriad of projects including innovative technology development and implementations for Federal Government Agencies to new business take on and business process improvement projects in the Superannuation industry.
In 2009 Garry re-evaluated his career choice to commit to serving the community and as such grasped the opportunity to work at the NSW State Emergency Service. In his time at the NSW SES Garry has:

  • Driven change in business practices within ICT,
  • Played a key role in the development of a four year Service wide Strategic Plan and implementation of a Corporate Performance Management System; and
  • Developed and implemented the Services Project Management capability.

Garry is looking forward to continuing his contribution to the NSW SES as it serves the communities of NSW.

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Defining performance in protecting the communities of NSW
Designing measurable KPIs for service providers
Linda Fardell
Director Planning and Governance
Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Linda Fardell joined the Australian Public Service in 1992. She has worked in a range of statistical and non-statistical areas in the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and is currently the Director of the Planning and Governance Section in the ABS. Among other things, this section is responsible for the department’s performance measurement and reporting.

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Key challenges in defining & designing the right KPIs
David Roberts
Australasian Evaluation Society

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David has over 40 years experience in research, evaluation and performance information systems. David is the President of the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES). David has participated in over 35 research projects, including three cross-portfolio policy reviews. He has particular expertise in qualitative research and in questionnaire development.
David was a senior member of the teams that conducted the Review of Administrative Arrangements for Public Health and Safety Regulation in 2001; and the Food Regulation Review in 1998. Both reviews involved consideration of chemical, agricultural and food safety issues. He was also Business Manager for the Product Integrity Animal and Plant Health Group in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia.


David is currently finishing a Master of Evaluation at Melbourne University. His thesis examines the psychological basis of responses to interviews and survey questions.

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Evaluating performance in the public sector
Yew Weng Ho
General Manager, Corporate Services Divisions
Australian Maritime Safety Authority

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Yew Weng Ho has been the General Manager of Corporate in AMSA since December 2007. AMSA is a Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act agency that has responsibilities for maritime safety, protection of the marine environment, and maritime and aviation search and rescue.

Before coming to AMSA, Yew Weng was in CFO and senior management positions in public and semi-public sector organisations both in New Zealand and Australia. These organisations spanned across the electricity industry, government administration and in a hospital setting. Through the years he saw the introduction of many change initiatives looking to further improving effectiveness and efficiencies, ranging from the way in which funding is provided to public sectors, financial management reform and programme reporting.

Yew Weng has led successful initiatives that links through from setting the vision, planning and execution supported by enabling strategies.

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Key challenges in defining & designing the right KPIs
Yanfei Shi
Assistant Manager, Strategic Planning, Risk and Performance
Department of Industry

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Yanfei Shi is an Assistant Manager with the Australian Government Department of Industry. His current role involves the departmental performance measurement and reporting.
Since joining the Australian Public Service in 2000, Yanfei has been working with a number of departments and agencies, undertaking research and analysis related to information economy, communications, education, science, research, industry and innovation.

Prior to the Australian Public Service, Yanfei had worked as an Assistant Professor (1991-92) and Associate Professor (1992-95) with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China.
Yanfei earned a PhD from the University of Newcastle, Australia (2000) and a PhD from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China (1991). He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. His main work includes two books – Economics of Scientific Knowledge (Edward Elgar, the United Kingdom, 2001) and Hermeneutics of Science (Hunan Publishing, China, 1991).

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Key challenges in defining & designing the right KPIs
Meredith Harkness
Masters Student
Cranfield University (UK)

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Meredith Harkness is a practitioner and researcher of performance measurement, with an interest in measuring performance in complex environments that are ambiguous, dynamic and connected. Meredith has extensive experience measuring the performance of and reporting public sector activities and outcomes. She has held advisory and management roles in performance measurement at whole of business levels with Department of Defence, CSIRO and the Australian Federal Police. Meredith recently completed a Master’s of Science in Managing Organisational Performance through Cranfield University. Her research thesis explored the challenges of measuring organisational performance in complex systems.

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Key challenges in defining & designing the right KPIs
The challenges of measuring performance in a complex environment
Leonard D’Costa
Director, Corporate Performance Reporting
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

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Leonard D’Costa has worked as Director of Corporate Performance Reporting at the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) since 2008.  He is the representative of the ACBPS Chief Statistician and discharges associated responsibilities under this office. In 2009 he was awarded the Customs Australia Day Award for being instrumental in changing the way Customs analysis its business intelligence.  Together with his team they are responsible for measuring the success of ACBPS strategies and business operations through the development, implementation and refinement of Key Performance Indicators, reported monthly in performance dashboards.  This enables the ACBPS Executive to acquit their performance monitoring responsibilities and support their budget and resource allocation decisions to mitigate risks and enhance performance.  Prior to working for ACBPS, Leonard held various performance reporting and analytical roles at a major telecommunications company.  Leonard has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce, majoring in Accounting from the University of Western Sydney and has been awarded the Dean’s merit list.

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Managing & leveraging data to improve performance

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